Commission & Prices

Hello and Welcome! Every interaction with me is meaningful to me and I'm thankful for your support in my passion for drawing and breathing life to your beloved characters and things that matter to you!
Things I will draw:
- Characters, OCs, Animals, Cute things!
Things that will require lots of persuasion or will not do (Please inquire! I'm always up for trying new ideas):
- Gore, NSFW, Nude, Mecha
Items that will be additional cost:
- Pets, detailed clothing, weapons, backgrounds
- Couple discounts! Group discounts! Ask about our refer a friend program!
How to Order
- Reach out via Instagram, Facebook or Email
- Discuss with me what you are looking and be ready to provide reference pictures (If taking screenshots, be sure to have the image in natural light so I can use it as a reference)
- Payment is due in order to begin commission
- One draft will be provided in which you can make suggestions and alterations
- Final product will be provided and your email will be asked to deliver. Delivery time can vary, I welcome discussion if there is a deadline or inquires about your project!
- Due upon ordering, PayPal only at: [email protected]
(please send the PayPal via a gift so that I can receive the full payment)
- If interested in selling and reproducing work, please contact me
Terms of usage: here

Please reach out with questions or concerns!
Message me:

Chibi icon illustration $40+

  • Great for Twitch, profile pictures, emotes

  • Ask for examples ranging from basic ($40), to super chibi (full body $60)

  • If you are a twitch streamer, ask for how you can order a streaming packing. Ask about wiggling ear gifs!

Portraits $80+

  • Sketches: uncolored ($30), colored (basic shading) ($40)

  • Flower portraits (right) popular- $85 Price includes flowers of choice, details galore with free background

  • Super detail portraits available for $100

  • Need a background? Ask for this add-on!

Twitter emotes! Ask for the package discount!

Full Render illustration $200+

  • Full body option available

  • Great for highly detailed clothing and extreme details

Interested in an art trade? Want to commission me? Looking for more samples? Please send a pm via Facebook or Instagram! Or email at [email protected] (you can use the button below)

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